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  1. WE ARE A GROUP OF RUSSIA HACKERS, WE ARE HERE TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL WHAT WE HAVE AND YOU TOO. PLEASE NO BERGAIN, WORK QUICKLY. AND HONEST. - Our online support only to serious customers.... - I'm work business , professional and quality. - I have info ssn dob ( name + address + city + state + phone + ssn + dob ) - If you need CVV please let me know the bins u need so that i will skim for u - I'm best and always sell CC fresh with high balance. I CAN SELL YOU CARDS WITH SAME LAST NAME AND FULLZ. -|178517|275-72-6988|04/27/1973|Michael|O|Williams|W|M|6|0|190|HAZ|RU393939|2 000| OH |2334 Crossland Ct|Dayton|45404| -|8085|Adam|R|Ward|638126402|102583|19382751|414|am berdale oak|san antonio|tx|78249|8326595524|[email protected] u| *******FOR WU AND BANK OR MONEY GRAM TRANSFER ITS MY JOB******* I’m selling Western Union , Bank and Paypal Transfers all over the world.I’m getting much stuff through spamming but also have a big experience in botnets etc.I’ve got 5 western union main computers data with the help of a strong botnet, === WU, MG AND BANK TRANSFER THE SAME PRICE=== $250 = $3000 Balance $380 = $5000 Balance $500 = $7000 Balance $800 = $10,000 Balance and more .... I have low balance for any frist time buyers . $120 = $1000 Balance . For More Info . MORE OF MY WORKS........ Name sender : Jamel johnson MTCN : 3434304668 / 8973628030 (same name sender) And orther MTCN : 0448746596 + 3033978004 + 9035112719 .....and more.... =========== PAYPAL ACCOUNTS US, EU AND UK ========== 1 . Balance 7000$ = 300$ 2 . Balance 14000$ = 500$ 3 . Balance 18000$ = 800$ =============== BANK LOGS ==================== And have more Bank account login with more country , If u really want to buy and make business with me just contact me now . -------------- My Business Regulations ------------------ - I can do make wu transfer very good and speed. - I promise cc of me very good and fresh all with good price . - If cvv not good i dont sell because it dead already. =============== MY CONTACTS ===================== * My TeleGram : @G3tr1ch * Contact me via ICQ Address: 775680 * Email : [email protected] ------- THANKS, LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU ALL ----------
  2. DO YOU NEED A RELIABLE HACKER YOU CAN TRUST WITH A GOOD FRIENDLY WORKING RELATIONSHIP ? Our services includes and not limited to: Untraceable monitoring of Phones and computers Do you need to gain access to the database of a Website Take control of any social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat etc), whatsapp and all email address Physical Counterfeit ID(Passports and driver's license) AND documents for all countries I can flash any bank in all countries Credit score upgrade AND clean criminal records from all site Get your acc Verified on Twitter/Instagram and sales of verified acc also I make Flight/Hotel bookings at affordable prices I can help you Upgrade University Grades You wanna Delete unwanted online Pictures and Videos on any website Build strong Virus/Trojan programming I can help with Apps development and hacking Newest bug that works with Western union,Moneygram/paypal transfer to all countries ACH transfer and Credit card topup (US AND CANADA) Email:[email protected] ICQ:742180990 Discord:Garry Max#0831 Telegram:@Reliabsource296
  3. Shamelessly stolen from another site. 600 OB Configs [Hidden Content]