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  1. First Of All The Rules Is Cause There's Always Leechers Taking Our Cracked Accounts, And Sharing It In Other Website/Forums, So We Need To Start To Put Specific Rules. When Replying To A Topic You Are Allowed To Take 1 Single Working Account Of That Site, If An Account You Have Replied Doesn't Work Or Has Been Locked/Banned, First You Need To Report It As Locked/Banned Etc, So You Can Validate Your Right Of Reply Or Take Another Working Account, If You Are Taking Multiple Accounts For The Same Site Without Any Report We Will Start Banning Those Users As Leechers, *Please Double Check The Account When You Trying To Login, Sometimes Passwords Gives You Non Working Message (Specially If You're Try Multiple Accounts At The Same Site And You Haven't Deleted Cache Or Cookies! Go Here If You Don't Know How Or Where To Click To Report A Non Working Account: [Hidden Content] @CM VIP @Ex VIP @✔Members @Active Members